Ремък 996×24 KYMCO PEOPLE 250/X-CITING 250 8202K DAYCO

89.00 лв.

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KYMCO TRANSMISSION / Drive belt 996x24x11.5 DAYCO Kevlar (Racing Power Plus KEVLAR):
250 People Lc 03-04
250 People S 06
250 People S 250 I 07
250 X Citing 05
300 People S 300 I 08
Aramid reinforced belt from well respected Italian company Dayco, sister company to Pirelli. The woven aramid fibre makes this belt much more durable than standard V-belts. Dayco belts meet the highest standard and are preferably used in Maxi scooters or motor scooters with higher capacity and power however can also be used as a replacement belt and are therefore a good choice for those who demand a little more than what the standard belt offers.

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